What we stand for at Homes of Choice

In a world where disabled people have limited housing options, Homes of Choice is determined to make a difference.

Every day, we walk alongside our customers and partners to create welcoming home environments, tailored to people’s needs.

Our team has deep empathy and connection to the needs of disabled people and their whanau.

We’re inspired by their stories of both challenges and wins.

These stories motivate us to provide more meaningful, innovative and personalised residential outcomes.

Access to tailored, safe and affordable living options is a key enabler for disabled people to live their lives of choice.

We achieve this through new builds, renovations, rentals and partnerships, and by being open to people’s choices.

We believe Universal Design standards are fundamental to good design, and help create environments that are not only accessible, durable and purpose-built, but also attractive and a pleasure to live in.

Our Vision

Every disabled person deserves a safe, affordable home that’s tailored to their needs.

Our Purpose

To empower new possibilities by providing welcoming homes, tailored to people’s needs.

Our Promise

New possibilities for great lives.

Our Whakataukī

‘Ngā Kāinga Awhi’ – ‘Welcoming Homes’

Our Daily Inspiration

Determined to drive positive change.

What We Stand For

  • To make a lasting difference
  • To create and sustain trusted relationships
  • To enhance mana

With every housing option, we aim to:

  • Provide welcoming homes in vibrant, diverse communities

  • Design home environments that are tailored to meet each person’s unique needs

  • Use functional and technical innovation to improve people’s day-to-day experience of their homes

  • Apply the highest standards of diligence, dependability and excellence in our approach

New possibilities for great lives...

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